Third Party Reviews

Richard Thompson | September 22, 2018 |

"I waited more than an hour as guys had appointments. I guess they don't want walk-ins anymore. I am going to find someone else to cut my hair. Sure seems that this is the direction they're headed."

amarbir takhar | September 23, 2018 |

"Staff here is very friendly. Haircuts are always done well."

Annie J. | September 10, 2018 |

"Super friendly and wonderful with kids. I was pleasantly surprised at how great they were with my five year old son. But I did note that there were people of all ages in there."

Oralia E. | September 01, 2018 |

"Did not go to the Elk Grove one but went to the new one in Delta Shores and they did a terrible job cutting my daughters hair. It was long and she just wanted it real short like a boys haircut. It was bad. All uneven and different lengths and crooked. Will never go back and we paid a lot. So maybe not the best place for long hair idk but we figured since she wanted a boy hair cut it was the place Lesson learned"

Matt Dixon | August 16, 2018 |

"Love it here. See Liz. She's awesome"

Renee C. | August 14, 2018 |

"took my 8 year old son to get a fade with long top and the girl made him bald and uneven all the way around....right before his first day of school horrible don't go here for boy cuts and fades. my son is crying and i can't fix it"

C. Jean | July 31, 2018 |

"Very nice."

Andrew L. | July 15, 2018 |

"I've gotten hair cuts twice both times they cut my hair way too short. Not worth 25 bucks! Get to a real barber like bottles and Barlow's on R street downtown Sacramento."

Mary H. | July 14, 2018 |

"My husband has been going here for three years. He always said I should go but I was hesitant because I didn't think they did women's cuts. After looking online their website says they do women's cuts but they don't have all the products most women want (styling products, straighteners, curlers, etc). I just needed to get the split ends off and layers trimmed a bit so I figured I would give it a shot. Heather called my name and I went to her chair. First of all, the shampoo and massage was FABULOUS! It was relaxing and the tree tea oil was awesome. Heather did exactly as I asked. She also said she used to work at great clips and did women's hair for five years. Which made me feel great about getting my hair cut there. After the haircut I also got a shoulder massage which was the cherry on top to my experience. Heather was absolutely fantastic and when I go back for a hair cut I will definitely be requesting to have her again. Overall if you just need a simple trim or hair cut (no styling) then this is a fantastic place to go. It is a bit more expensive than a super cut or great clips, but the shampoo, tea tree oil, and massage was well worth it! I usually go to great clips, but I would rather shell out the extra $15 for an upgraded experience. My husband is a HUGE fan of this place. I would highly recommend this place and Heather!"

Oliver Kruszka | July 01, 2018 |

"Fun bunch of gals to get your hair cut."